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Dennis Kager passed away on Tuesday 8/14/18. He will be missed by all that knew him.

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Click on this link to read the full story on Dennis http://www.vintageguitar.com/5407/dennis-kager/

Dennis and me, January, 2010 with two of my favorite guitar amps. I was unhappy with sound of the combo in comparison to the head. Dennis opened the head to see what mods he had done and then checked the combo for the same mods. The two were very close internally so he suggested changing the speaker in the combo. Voila, now they are much closer in tone.


5/5/2011: I stopped by to see Dennis today because of a problem with my Fender Concert Reverb amp. He hasn't seen me in over a year but he recognizes me every time I go into his shop. That is a nice feeling. Like always he spent time with me discussing the amp and it's problems. While I was there a customer brought in an Ampeg Gemini II for repair. Dennis really perked up when he saw the nice condition that this amp was in. I am sure it took him right back to his years at Ampeg where he honed his skills. Over the years he has done lots of work for me especially on my Vox AC30TB from the Rose Morris era. The amp is a dog but Dennis keeps it running for me. When the reverb transformers were making noise and he could not get the factory transformers he modified it to use Fender transformers and added a master volume at the same time. The reverb sounds great. The master volume is very usefull.

5/23/2011 I spent some time talking with Dennis about who some of his favorite celebrity customers are. He said that Peter Frampton, Elliot Randall and Jan Hammer are all down to earth people. We spent a lot of time talking about various aspects of the instrument amplifier industry. We also discussed his years at Ampeg and how the manufacturing background he aquired there influences his daily business decisions.  

The real Sundown amplifier.